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EDOCAM AND SONS COMPANY LTD is a Cameroon based company. With an ever growing demand for African products, we have engaged not only in the supply of these products but also in establishing a link between buyers and sellers.
Observing from out site, doing business in Africa may be complex and risky. This is where we come in. Been base in Africa, we have a wide understanding of Africa’s raw material as well as finish product market. We have also enhanced our credibility by establishing contacts in Europe for any reference. We carry out our activities focusing on ethics, professionalism and customer satisfaction. This has giving us an added advantage over others. With three years of existence, we have succeeded in meeting our customers demand for quality and timely delivery of products and services. Its is our intention to modernize the way Africa does business with the world. We currently carry out the following activities;


Unity Youth Farmers is a common initiative group based in Kumba.
They do bee farming as one of their activities.

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