Bee Farming

October 13, 2014

EDOCAM Bee Farming Project started in 2010. So far, we have two different bases, one at Mabonji and the other at Frank Harcourt Secondary School Mile One, Kumba, all in the South West Region of Cameroon. The main factory is located in Mile One, Kumba (a few meters from P.H.S Kumba) where extraction of honey, packaging of products is being carried out.

A Professional Italian beekeeper, Mr. Carlos Bertoni was brought all the way from Italy to Cameroon by the director of EDOCAM & SONS COMPANY LTD, Prince Disonge Elton Aitkins, to train Cameroonians on how to carry out Modern Bee Farming using the European boxes. This is because for ages, Cameroonian Bee Farming has been limited to the Kenyan top bars system. EDOCAM & SONS COMPANY LTD stands as one of the Companies in Central African Republic carrying out this modern system of Bee Farming.



EDOCAM & SONS COMPANY LTD offers FREE training on Modern bee farming through:


EDOCAM organizes free seminars, sensitizing the general public about modern bee farming. These seminars are thought by the professional bee farmer Mr. Carlos Bertoni. At the end of the seminar, which usually last for about 10 days, those who attended are tested with a written exam; and those who pass this test are awarded an Attestation signed by the Director and the Trainer making them competent for the next stage of the training which is field work.


This training stage usually last for about 3 months. This involved intensive training on modern bee farming techniques by the EDOCAM & SONS COMPANY LTD’S staffs headed by the Italian professional beekeeper; Mr. Carlos Bertoni. The students undergo thorough training on hive management preparation of royal jelly queen multiplication transfer of colonies from African (Kenyan type) boxes to European (modern) type boxes amongst a host of other modern techniques.

EDOCAM produces honey (1st and 2nd grade honey), Pollen, Propolis, Wax and Royal Jelly. Some, if not all of its products are exported abroad for sales.


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