Poultry Farming

October 13, 2014


Edocam Poultry Farm has now become an Orphanage.. Read more.

The local demand of fowls in Cameroon far surpasses the supply. This deficit is greatly felt during festive periods. Although Cameroon imports frozen fowls, the demand is still high and this usually leads to high prices for fowls. In a bit to reduce this deficit, EDOCAM AND SONS COMPANY LTD decided to invest in a poultry farm. For the purpose of the poultry farm, we invited a poultry technician from Belgium who trained our staff on how to optimize our poultry with little loss.

We started with 5,000 fowles which we sold in one month. We considered it successfull as we had a mortality rate of 9.6%.


We sell Frozen and live fowls.


To rare chicken on a large scale to satisfy our local demand. To sell at the lowest possible price to make chicken affordable for all. To help reduce the rate of unemployment.

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